1. Personnel on duty and users must comply with safety rules and instructions.

2. Users must be no younger than 7 years old and no less than 20 kg. For users over 1.90 cm. height and 120 kg. extra equipment support is required.

3. No one should be forced to use the zipline.

4. Use by people with epilepsy, fainting, dizziness, mental, psychological and physical disorders is not permitted.

5. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetics, heart patients, people with physical ailments, chronic bone and joint diseases cannot use it.

6. Pregnant women and those who have recently undergone surgery cannot use it.

7. All items that are likely to fall, trip and get lost should be removed.

8. Money, jewelry, watches, cell phones, cameras, wallets, purses, bags, earrings, necklaces, slippers, bracelets, long messy hair, neckerchiefs, etc. use is not permitted.

9. Inconvenient to use with glasses without a back strap.

10. Shoelaces should be tied carefully.

11. Wear comfortable, sportswear that does not interfere with movement.

12. The seat belt must fit properly and snugly around the body. Use with unsuitable seat belts is not permitted.

13. Acrobatic movements during use are contrary to safety rules.

14. Parents should observe their children.

15. The installation and removal of the reels used in the zipline line and the entry of the participant into the zipline system is only done by the personnel in charge.

16. Smoking is dangerous and prohibited.

17. Alcohol is prohibited and the use of alcohol and those under the influence of drugs is not permitted.

18. For security reasons, please hand over your personal and valuable belongings to the attendant before the activity.

19. Appropriateness of dress is monitored by the staff. For your safety, staff approval is mandatory.